We shape and design brands,
products and services

Yam is a fresh brand-driven creative digital agency with a human touch located in Helsinki. Our goal is to create practical websites and intensive brands that makes people feel something. We combine digital strategy, UX and design to help clients think beyond ordinary.

We create design, branding and content whether you’ve a new business and brand to get started or existing one for revival. No job’s too small for us, nor is any challenge too big for us to handle. Our small but good-looking team who craft things that are simple, meaningful and effective is ready to serve your needs.

Your business’s
brand identity speaks
directly to your customer.
Let us help your business
find its voice.

Lead by strategy,
influenced by design

Every project we do is based on a structured process of discovery and collaboration, one that gives us a real understanding of a client’s needs and allows us to forge meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Having the right tailored look and feel to your brand maximises on your opportunities for success with your target audience. Our core is to find a simple solution to complex challenge and place a strong emphasis on craft in every detail from design to code.

Need a logo to your company? Or a website? Either way, we are here to help getting your new businesses and brands get started and refresh existing ones for growth. Our interests and experience across digital, web and design means we can offer a broad range of services whilst understandg our clients and their needs on a strategic and fundamental level. We create unique digital experiences that make brands come alive.

Design and branding

We design digital products, services and brands. And the best brands are simple ones. Brands thrive on their ability to be understood just like people, aye?

This philosophy stands at the center of everything we make. The brands we build and the experiences we create live at the intersection of clarity and surprise. Simplicity done right is what connects a brand with its audience, creates a winning strategy and drives our making, day in, day out.

Strategy and user experience

What is it that want to achieve together and who are the people we primarily want to reach? That is usually the first and most important question which might need a pan of coffee and some chit chat. We believe that proper strategy and UX is the cornerstone of every successful product.

We help you find right strategy. The right strategy helps grow your business.

Hire us, work with
us, say hi.

Or tell a good old Pikku-Kalle joke.

It’s been quite a ride so far.
It would be our pleasure to
have you aboard with us.

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